Book Release: The Next Eco-Warriors

My first book has been released called The Next Eco-Warriors, a collection of short stories by a new generation of eco-activists from around the world, that I edited. Together, these stories show that a global movement is on the rise, a new movement that is more diverse, inclusive and using new tactics to make their change.

The book includes stories from Enei Begaye, a Navajo/Diné activist who mobalized her community to end coal plants and begin green jobs on her reservation; Andy Ridley, the executive director of Earth Hour, who used the powers of the Internet to stem a global climate movement; Peter Hammerstedt, first mate on the ships of  Sea Shepherd, who uses direct action to save marine life;  Tanya Fields, a guerilla gardner who empowers her Bronx community and the planet one seed at a time.

In a time of advancing climate change and environmental destruction, the world is calling out for
The Next Eco-Warriros.

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