NOW Magazine names ‘Green Hero’

Environmental Horoes


The eco grassroots are lush in this city. Here are some of the local green changers whose enterprising actions are shaping our sustainable tomorrow.

Emily Hunter age 25 - most recent- Photo by Vanessa Larkey copy


EMILY HUNTER Filmmaker, writer, Eco-Warrior Productions

The editor of The Next Eco Warriors (Conari) was an activist from the time her dad, Robert Hunter, the first president of Greenpeace, bought her a one-way ticket so she could fly to join the Sea Shepherd Society on the high seas saving whales with her “Uncle Paul,” legendary direct-actionist captain Paul Watson. “To be honest, I wasn’t very good at it,” she admits.
Living out her own well-articulated theory that everyone will find their own path into the eco movement, Hunter turned to the telling of cinematic tales of resistance in flicks like Tar Sands Investigation, Mexican Standoff (about the La Via Campesino movement and the failing Cancun UN Climate Conference) and G20: Inside The Protest. Her new doc project is Activism 2.0, a survey of global green change-makers whose sense of planetary urgency is as deep as her own.

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