The Black Fish Campaign – Blog #2

2The scene here at the activist house with The Black Fish has been a world of its own. We have a diverse group, from a banker, an ex-cop to a bus driver. Activism comes in all shapes and sizes.

Our host has provided us an apartment on the Mediterranean Coast, but its jammed packed with all of us. There are 11 people in total with The Black Fish Crew, The ShadowView team using the drone technology and my media team (me and my camera-man Mark). We’re all staying in 3 bedrooms, some sleeping on the floor with mattresses. To boot, where we are sometimes the electricity and water turns off, leaving us with the resources we have.

Yet it’s not always roughing it, our chef is cooking some mouth-watering vegan food. Even the meat-eaters are loving it. We enjoy dinners every night together getting to know one another and share our stories of activism and filmmaking.

Though we get little sleep these days, catching a few hours at night and then getting up sometimes 3am in the morning. Then afterwards we spend upwards of 12 hours straight doing investigation work until again a few more hours sleep. One day I was awake a full 22 hours with a night investigation with the team. Despite it all, I feel spirits are high as the campaign is taking off.

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