Global Power Shift


Travelling an hour outside of Istanbul, I met up with the trainers of Global Power Shift as they prepare to launch an ambitious climate campaign. Chart paper and ideas flowing, a global mix of young people are training themselves for the beginning of a new global fight against climate change.

Global Power Shift (otherwise called GPS) is a youth climate summit to create a new strategy in our collective climate crisis.  For when it comes to the double C word, the environmental movement is at an impass and our traditional tactics are no longer working.

What excited me about this campaign is that they recognize this. In response, GPS is their attempt to revolutionize the movement itself. So next week over five hundred youth climate leaders from around the world (75% from the Global South) will descend into Istanbul to gather and plan out “phase 2” of their movement. First Istanbul, then the world….

Many of these youth are already champions in their own, shutting down coal plants, transforming entire nations to renewable energy and organizing Global Days of Action. But pulling of this campaign is perhaps their biggest test yet.

Many questions come up: Can their efforts match the scale of the problem? Can they put the words we don’t utter anymore “climate change” back into the public spotlight? Can you they effectively coordinate internationally efforts, when political leaders cannot? And can this be our Global Spring, transforming politics and economics for the sake of our planet?

Only time will tell, but this is the start of a new chapter for the youth climate movement.

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