Emily HunterEmily Hunter is an environmental activist and storyteller. Born into the environmental movement,  her father was the late Robert Hunter,  first president of Greenpeace who’s story is featured in the award-winning documentary How to Change the World. For over a decade, Emily herself has campaigned on a variety of environmental and social justice issues, from sailing on the high seas of Antarctica saving whales with Sea Shepherd to digital campaigning with Greenpeace targeting Shell’s Arctic offshore-drilling operations.

Throughout Emily’s work, media tools have been at the center.  She works across platforms, using traditional media and digital media to inspire “mind bombs,” as her father would say, by sparking consciousness shifts in the public for our most pressing environmental and social crisis.

She has a background in film and television, as she directed and produced a short documentary titled Activism 2.0 that was screened at several international film festivals. She hosted and produced four TV-documentaries on MTV News Canada’s IMPACT show and published her first book in 2011 titled The Next Eco-Warriors, an insider’s look at the new wave of environmental activism.  She is a sought-after speaker, including a talk on TEDx talk and character in numerous documentary films, including How to Change the World and the late Rob Stewart’s film Revolution.  

Turning her attention to changing the normative crisis narratives of our times to stories of solution and empowerment, she has been developing people-driven strategies and campaigns for non-profits using leading digital tools and thinking. She has worked with the Mobilisation Lab, Greenpeace Canada, Toronto Tool Library and 350.org among others.


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